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Prevention Better Than Cure For Fighting NHS Islamicists

by | 6th, July 2007

nurse_with_close-up_of_syringe.jpgIT was ever a cunning plan. Should the Taliban ever seize our supplies, they would be undone by melting boots and non-firing guns.

And should they ever invade Blighty, they would find our democratic institutions antiquated, our palaces crumbling and our NHS in thrall of pen pushers and equipment not seen Torquemada was in his pomp.

As the Express’s front-page headline thunders: “BOMB DOCTORS FOILED BY DUD NHS SYRINGES.”

More fool the Taliban, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and whatever other umbrella terms nihilism calls itself. Like the Falashas who arrived in Israel expecting to see a land flowing in milk and honey, Al-Qaeda’s Mengele Unit arrives in UK hospitals looking for bleeding edge technology and finds nothing of the sort.

The suggestion is that the NHS issue plastic syringes, “a vital part in the firing mechanism” of cars bombs, failed.

As the Express tells us, an electrical circuit links the syringes, a nine-volt battery and a mobile phone. The villain dials 0800 EDMONDS. The circuit is made. The liquid in the syringe is ignited and explodes. The main charge is detonated. Human beings are incinerated. And the world is made a much worse place to be.

But it failed. The terrorists made “multiple calls” to the mobiles. But the syringes did not work.

As a security source says: “The fact that the remote mobile detonator was being rung continuously highlights the bravery of these extraordinary men. As far as they are concerned, that bomb could have gone off at any moment.” Another security source tells the Sun the bomb expert deserves the George Cross.

“Car bombs would have killed dozens…but for a faulty NHS syringe,” says the Express.

Congratulations to the NHS for being prepared. Prevention is better than cure and all that…

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