Anorak News | Flood Bill To Top £1.5billion: Al Gore Flies In

Flood Bill To Top £1.5billion: Al Gore Flies In

by | 6th, July 2007

al-gore.jpgIS it all down to global warming? Or is it just a case of really bad freak weather? We have no idea. Go and ask Al Gore. (Pic: The Spine)

Of course, Father Al is no doubt up in a plane (that’s a big flying machine with wings, kids). He’s wearing size 25 clown boots stamping his carbon footprint all over the earth he loves.

He does it for us, because he cares, and we alone are too infantile to understand that burning things cause smoke and that gets in the sun’s eyes (the sun is a ball of burning gas that gives light and heat).

Unless it’s raining.

This summer’s horrendous weather is set to keep the UK insurance industry busy, as claims relating to the June floods are now estimated to eventually reach an incredible £1.5billion.

The figures come from the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjustors who have calculated that domestic claims will reach £825million while those from business should total £680million.

The CILA has also revealed that there have been £27,500 domestic claims so far, with an average value of £30,000, while 6,800 claims, averaging £100,000, have been made by businesses.

New PM Gordon Brown has pledged to help the flood victims with “a comprehensive programme, not just to deal with the immediate problems but also with the recovery”. You may suppose that recovering was part of the immediate problem. But we are not here to argue, just to listen.

For parts of the country affected by the hideous weather, a long arduous clean-up process awaits.

Perhaps multi-millionaire Al Gore should drop by and help with the clean up? Imagine hwo much water two massive jet engines and a pontificating Gore set to “blow” can shift…

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