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Hooray For Murray (N): Mugger Wins National Lottery

by | 9th, July 2007

murray1.jpgTHE Sun is livid. And Bitter. Bitter and Livid, as nothing less than a convicted mugger claims his £4million lottery prize.

And Neil Murray is not even a decent kind-hearted mugger. He robbed an 88-year-old woman, snatching her purse which contained just £6 before apparently pumping the cash into arcade fruit machines.

So he is a gambling addict. To the Sun, he is a beast who doesn’t deserve his jackpot winnings. The fact that the crime took place eight years ago also doesn’t seem to matter to the Sun. A crime is a crime. Rehabilitation is not an option.

We are told that Murray was sentenced to 150 hours community service for his sins and ordered to attend Gamblers Anonymous.

A “family friend” says: “He is very ashamed of what he did. I believe he now has his gambling under control, though he obviously must still have a liking for it.” What a succinct analysis of the psyche of a gambler.

Murray is also apparently a cannabis smoker. Could he be any less deserving for his winnings?

However, Murray, who was working as an assistant manager in a Costcutters when he bought the winning ticket, is now using the money to go back to university to finish his Masters. In what, we are not told. Maybe Advanced Granny-Bashing.

The Sun also gleefully provides its readers with a list of former criminal winners of the Lottery, from uber-yob Michael Carroll who was wearing an electronic tag when he bagged £9.7million to Lee Ryan, jailed for handling stolen cars after winning £6.6million.

A spokeswoman for lottery peddlers Camelot says: “Everyone is allowed to win.” Including honest causes like the Millennium Dome, Olympics, Camelot…

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