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LibDems Confused And Labour Meltdown In Ealing Southall By-Election

by | 9th, July 2007

Says Dizzy:

Ealing Southall Labour disintegrates as five Labour Councillors defect to Tories
The Ealing Southall by-election has just got really really interesting. Five Southall Labour councillor has defected to the Conservtaive Party in support of Tony Lit. Some of the councillors have been Labour members for over 40 years.

Councillors, Gurcharan Singh, Manjit Singh, Maninder Kaur Keith, Jarnail Singh Jandu and Jagdish Gupta. In a joint statement the five councillors said,

“It has become increasingly obvious as this by-election campaign has progressed, that the Conservative candidate Tony Lit is the best person to represent Ealing Southall as our next MP. He’s energetic, dynamic and displays the kind of qualities that would make him ideally suited to represent the people of Ealing Southall. We wanted to provide him with our backing and joining the Conservative Party sends the clearest possible message.

Locally since Conservatives took control of Ealing Council in May 2006 we have noticed that they have been making great strides towards trying to improve the quality of life for all our residents. We’ve finally reached the stage where it has become blatantly obvious that we would be doing own voters a great disservice if we continue to dogmatically stick with a disorganised and divided Labour Party. Our goal is to see genuine improvements for our residents. We believe that the Conservative Party now provides our community with greater opportunities and is genuinely interested in improving services for all.

At a national level we are extremely impressed by David Cameron’s modern Conservatives and, with the changes that he has now made, we feel that the Conservative Party now best represents our views. In a sense we believe the Conservatives have become our natural home and we are very excited about the opportunity to play a full part in a Party which we believe is destined to form the next government.”

Ealing Southall Labour Party appears to be going into meltdown doesn’t it? I wonder how they’re by-election chief Tom Watson will be feeling after this news. I guess we can expect comments trashing the five councillors shortly.

It’s not just Labour councillors though. The Independent candidate, Gulbash Singh has also decided to stand aside and endorse Tony Lit as well.

Say the LibDems:

The Labour and Conservative campaigns in the Ealing Southall by-election are both descending in to chaos. Momentum is clearly building for Nigel Bakhai – the local Liberal Democrat choice.

Three Labour Councillors are believed to be leaving the party in protest at the selection of Virenda Sharma. This follows constant rows within the Labour Party about the possibility of an all woman shortlist and then the shortlist of two men that excluded Labour Councillor Sonika Nirwal.

The Conservative Party’s Vice-Chairman, Mr Brij Mohan Gupta, has switched to the Liberal Democrats in protest at the appointment of the Conservative candidate. Former Conservative council candidate Dr Gulbash Singh is standing against the official Conservative candidate in the by-election.

Liberal Democrat MP Sarah Teather campaigning in Southall said,

“The Labour and Conservative Party’s campaigns are now both in disarray. The momentum is with Nigel Bokhai’s Liberal Democrats. He is the popular local choice to be the next MP.

“Both Labour and Conservative Parties lost support locally by supporting George Bush’s war in Iraq.

“Labour are continuing to lose support as crime rates rise and Ealing hospital is clearly neglected.

“The Conservatives are in third place and have a candidate with no political experience, who only joined the Conservatives when appointed as the candidate and who lives in Chiswick – not Southall.

“The strong local choice is Nigel Bakhai.”

What say you voters?

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