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Presidential Election: Obama And Hot For Hillary’s Vital Statistics

by | 9th, July 2007

hillaryclinton.jpgWILL anyone give a crap about the US presidential election by the time it actually happens?

There is still over one year to go before the American people shuffle to the polls. Yet voters have already had to endure months of cross-country campaigning, endless political punditry and the latest fad: YouTube videos.

Hillary Clinton’s slick Sopranos parody is the most professional YouTube assault to date. But it is fast being eclipsed by the surefire strategy of sticking a fit girl in a tight top and getting her to wiggle her bits while she mouths the candidate’s name to camera.

First there was the ample-breasted page 3 lookalike Amber Lee Ettinger, who sings about having a Crush on Obama.

Now, she’s being upstaged by a Crush on Obama parody, as American Idol contestant Taryn South hops into a French maid’s outfit and strips down to a bikini in herHot 4 Hill video.

So there you have it. War rages in Iraq. The Middle East remains at its lowest point in over a decade. And the Democratic Presidential campaign is being fought on YouTube between two girls vying to prove to the American people that they have the best tits.

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