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Quiet Please: Venus Williams And The Hajib

by | 10th, July 2007

venus-williams.jpgALONGSIDE a picture of Wimbledon champion Venus Williams falling “Out!” of her dress the Mirror brings news of female fashion.

Williams has been playing tennis in her underwear. And now she is experiencing a wardrobe malfunction, executing a “drop shot” at the champions’ dinner in the Savoy, London.

To her right is story entitled”: JUROR HID HER iPOD IN HER HAJIB.”

We live in a relatively free and tolerant society where female athletes can show us their nipples, Becky, 24, from London, can stand in her knickers and talk politics to Sun readers, and a woman in her 20s can wear a headscarf at a murder trial.

But there is a problem. There is a noise coming from the woman’s ensemble. Judge Roger Chapple says he can hear “tinny music”.

Sat at Blackfriars Court, London, judge and jury are listening to the case of the crown versus Alan Wicks. He is accused to killing his wife of 50 years. (Mrs Wicks’ outfit at the time of her demise is not reported; but Wicks will soon be wearing Government-issue blue having been found guilty of her murder.)

Jurors notice the woman in the midst. She appears to be doodling. Officials claim she is in a “world of her own”.

And now she faces jail after an MP3 player was found secreted about her person.

Only yesterday we learnt how one of the 21/7 bombers fled the country dressed in a burka. And now this.

If Islam is to be sold to the British masses this seems like a sensible ploy. Wear the hijab and avoid having your face photographed by the cameras that study our every move. Wear the hijab and listen to what you want to, when you want to.

Wear the hijab and strike a blow for individuality and freedom. If not justice…

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