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NHS Pen-Pushers Snatch George Michael Tickets

by | 10th, July 2007

george-michael-514.jpgONE imagines that when George Michael, he of the grey designer stubble and penchant for sleep-driving, gave 400 free tickets for his concert to Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust and another 620 to Plymouth Primary Care Trust, they were meant as a thank you to the nurses for the care his mother had received before her death in 1997.

Well, according to the Mirror, a large number of the tickets for his Plymouth gig were hijacked by the Trust’s admin staff.

“Admin snatched hundreds”, says a livid nurse. And she’s not the only one… But she is the only one quoted in the paper.

However, in true bureaucratic fashion, the Trusts replied to the criticism, saying that the pop superstar had requested that the tickets “go to all staff”.

So did the parking attendants, cafeteria staff, flower sellers and cleaners also get to go? One imagines not.

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