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The Meaning Of Live Earth

by | 10th, July 2007

LIVE Earth explained:

Wandering the cavernous information hall at Live Earth’s Tokyo site on Saturday — munching on a whole-grain, locally made peanut butter muffin and browsing for a 100% hemp towel — I noticed the solar panels. Like the events in Sydney, Shanghai, London, Washington and other cities, Live Earth Tokyo was intended as a rock festival-cum-environmental fair, where concertgoers could learn about the energy-saving benefits of fluorescent lightbulbs while jamming to groups like Genesis, who reformed for the London show. Organizers had stressed that the massive festivals themselves would be as green as could be — the Tokyo show was to be powered by solar energy and biodiesel made from recycled cooking oil. So I wasn’t surprised to see an array of solar panels at the center of the information hall, apparently hooked up to a big-screen TV playing the feed from the concert stage next door. Very green, except for the fact that we were indoors, and there was no sun.

But, then, the sun does give you cancer and melt the ice… Better it’s not there. Better it never comes out again.

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