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Big Brother: The Audition Tapes…

by | 11th, July 2007

QUOTES from the Big Brother audition tapes:

Chanelle: I’m quite possessive. OK, I’m really possessive. OK, If I’ve got a boyfriend then I don’t let him leave the house

Charley: I’m loud, I’m mad and quite argumentative sometimes. And I always think I’m right

Ziggy: I don’t think any guys had tried to bed two girls in the house at the same time without the other one knowing

Brian: I like the idea of a house that people can look in, but you’re in the house and can’t see out

Gerry: I’ve had too many boys for the past three years in London. I’d like to fancy some women. I think I need to explore more

Tracey: I like peace. It cost nothing to smile at anybody

Liam: I make people laugh. I make people smile. I always end up the centre of attention

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Source: Daily Star

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