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Big Brother Mangement: Show And Sell (And Free Bet)

by | 11th, July 2007

pauline-big-brother.jpgWHO thought that after the fake eviction, the careful editing and the nullified nominations that Big Brother is fixed?

The Star’s front page tells us: “ZIGGY’S SECRET DATES WITH THAILA.”

For those of you unable to keep up with the plot so far, know that an original show has been overrun by jobbing actors, boyband singers and tatty Wags. This is Big Brother does the X Factor.

And key players in the house are Ziggy and Patricia. The former’s real name is Zac. The latter’s real name is Thaila and she used to be in a band. And, yes, they have dated.

Or they might have done. Inside the paper, the Star is more circumspect, hearing only the chatter on an internet forum. A voice speaks of a fix. Another whispers of conspiracy. Another asks of Ziggy and Thaila: “Maybe they dated?”

Maybe they did. Maybe they will. The show seems now to be run by the Big Brother management agency, looking for winners and talent they can make money from.

Who needs last year’s winner Pete Bennett and talentless wannabes when you can have half-talented wannabes who need a showcase?

So we get Ziggy and Thaila the presenters. And Charley the Wag whose hair really wags.

And fake week in which we are invited to look at the fakers – Gerry, Samanda, Tracey, Carole, Chanelle, Liam, Nicky and Brian…

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