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Smoke On Trent: It’s Legal To Puff In Stoke Pubs

by | 11th, July 2007

smoking-ban.jpg“SMOKE on TRENT”, says the Mirror’s front-page headline. And we cheer.

News is that council officials failed to secure enforcement powers for the smoking ban in time for the July 1st stub out.

This means smokers can light up in Stoke pubs without fear of being approached by a masked man with a clipboard and told to put it out. They will not be issued with an on-the-spot £50 fines. They will not take their lighter and set fire to said penalty notice. Local police will not enact a lighter amnesty.

“Pub regular” Mark Evans says: “It’s wonderful. We can get away with smoking inside for few more weeks.”

Joy indeed to escape the cancer–giving sun for the more ambient joys of the cancer-giving smoky pub.

The Mirror’s man on the scene gives in to peer pressure and like a good social smoker lights up a small cigar.

Readers hear of ashtrays overflowing with butts. They’re lighting up with gay abandon. Passport to Stoke. Where can we apply? All aboard the smokers’ charabanc to the Potteries kiln for a weekend break.

But what if the council has not erred? What if the good smokers of Stoke are guineas pigs, the benchmarks against which the success of the smoking ban can be gauged?

Will Stoke residents die younger than other Britons? Or will they live just as long, or longer if the intense smoking process can act as a preservative.

Pic: Chichi Parish 

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