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I Was O. Bin Laden’s Wife: Jane Felix-Browne Remembers

by | 11th, July 2007

bin-laden.jpg “CHESHIRE housewife marries Bin Laden,” announces the Sun’s front-page headline.

How long before the world’s most wanted man is joining the Cheshire set, dressed in mustard coloured moleskin trousers and Ugg boots, driving an immaculate 4×4 and hanging out with footballers?

“You should see that Bin Laden,” the neighbours will say. “He’s got the new 900 Jihad convertible in tope. He knows the Nevilles.”

And here is Bin Laden, or at least his son Omar Bin Laden. Security experts looking in may kick their heels to have missed the do, to have missed their chance to arrest Bin Laden as the crabsticks were doing the rounds.

But the Sun says Omar Osama Bin Laden has not heard from his father for seven years. He married Jane in Cairo. Now, Omar lives in Saudi Arabia with his second wife (not Jane) and their one child.

His new missus is Jane Felix-Browne, 51, a five-time married mother of three. She suffers from multiple-sclerosis.

Says Jane, who met her husband last year when they were both on holiday in Egypt: “Because my husband’s name is Bin Laden he finds it very difficult to travel anywhere. He rarely leaves Saudi Arabia because of the problems he runs into at airports.”

But this Bin Laden is not a member of the al-Qaeda death cult. Jane says her man is “pure and pious – a true gentleman.”

Once met, they kept in touch. The love bloomed. And even though Jane lives in Cheshire and Omar in Jeddah, they talk for “up to 15 hours a day” over the phone or internet. This is all the more intriguing when Jane confides that Omar has little command over the English language.

This Bin Laden is nothing like his dad, who hardly ever speaks these days. His name is all they share. But there is much in a name, you say. The Sun says Jane also uses the name Zaina Mohamed Al-Sabah. Before falling ill, Jane worked as an interior designer – “specialising in plane cabins.”

“Omar had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks,” says Jane, “and was as shocked as everyone else when it happened.”

We hear, you Jane. But we don’t hear Omar. Will we be having the pleasure of his company in Cheshire? Jane thinks not. “There’s no reason why he should not come here to live,” says Jane, “but I don’t think he would like the weather.”

Although he could keep his tan alive with the local fake bake…

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