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Cockfighting In Puerto Rico and Girls With Guns: Just Boxing For Birds

by | 11th, July 2007

girls-and-guns.jpgFED up of boring boxing matches on Sky Sports? Why not head on over to where you can watch fighting roosters rip each other to shreds.

The Florida company behind the site, Advanced Consulting and Marketing Inc, is suing the US government for the right to broadcast the fights which are filmed in Puerto Rico where the sport is legal.

“As bullfighting is part of Spanish culture and as violent human fighting is part of our culture, cockfighting is part of Puerto Rican culture,” a lawyer for the firm told the New York Times.

The company is taking the US government to court because it is illegal in the US to sell a depiction of animal cruelty even if it is legal elsewhere.

The founder of the three-week-old site, former marine Jason Atkins, says he is suing for the right to screen the fights because he wants to do everything above board.

“These birds are doing what they naturally do,” Atkins, 35, told the Florida Sun-Sentinel. “To me, it’s more humane than fishing or hunting.”

In the meantime, Tough Sports Live viewers can entertain themselves with the website’s other offerings.

Want to see “the hottest girl next door door dressed in the sexiest combat uniform shooting some of the toughest and deadiest guns in the world?”

Then hop on over to Girls with Guns where you can watch bikini-clad girls firing enormous automatic weapons and high-powered rifles and shotguns. See those arms and thighs quiver as they unleash thousands of rounds.

And if you’ve had your fill of sexually explicit target practice why not relax with a couple of hours of Rio Heroes, where you can watch live, No Rules fighting from Brazil.

How long before Channel Four signs them up?

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