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Summer Childcare Costs A Pain For Parents

by | 11th, July 2007

WITH British schools set to close for the summer, parents are once again bracing themselves for the long, long days ahead, wondering how they can entertain their little angels for the duration of the holidays and working out how they can afford the rising cost of childcare.

According to the national childcare charity, Daycare Trust, the majority of parents in the UK are struggling to find affordable childcare for the summer holidays, with average costs continuing to rise and shortages of places increasing.

The survey found that the average weekly cost of childcare in England is £83.19, with the south-west (£97), south-east (£93) and the east Midlands (£92), the most expensive regions in the country.

However, outer London prices have actually started to fall while the cost of holiday childcare in inner London continues to be the lowest in England.

Emma Knights of the Daycare Trust says: “Good holiday childcare is a necessity, not a luxury. But this survey shows what can be done in areas where the local authority recognises the burden that affording holiday childcare places on parents. We want all local authorities to follow the brilliant example being set by some of the most generous, and recognise that providing safe, stimulating places for children and teenagers to enjoy themselves in the summer holidays is a necessity, not a luxury.”

I say put all the children to work over the holidays and start matching the far-East in child labour. It’ll keep the young ‘uns occupied and learning a trade…

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