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Annie Horribilis: Queen Snaps At Leibovitz

by | 12th, July 2007

queen-leibovitz.pngSHOULD the Queen remove her crown will the Empire fall?

In “THRONE A WOBBLER”, the Sun leads with news of Her Majesty’s meeting with Annie Leibovitz, a portrait photographer from what Elizabeth may well refer to as the “American colonies”.

Queen Liz is dressed in “full Royal regalia”, not her pastel two-piece with matching hat and pistol holster, rather the trappings of the Order of The Garter.

Leibovitz considers the ensemble. “I think it will look better without the crown because the garter robe is so…”

The American never finished. Her words were not punctuated by the thud as her severed head hit the carpet. Nothing so light.

Her Majesty is no fool. “ANNIE HORRIBILIS,” says the Mirror. She would be aware of the snapper’s work and realise that where the crown goes the cape, blouse and bra are likely to follow. Before too long, Liz will be naked and curled up on Philip’s lap, or naked with her outfit reapplied in emulsion paint.

Leibovitz’s motif has not truck with her Majesty, who does not do nudity. What is more is that the crown is a tiara.

She engages Leibovitz with an “icy stare”. “Less dressy?” she muses. “What do you think this is.”

At which point Leibovitz possibly checked herself and cancels the bathtub full of milk and the bed of red roses (some thorns removed) and aroused unicorn.

No answer is forthcoming. The Queen’s question is rhetorical. And she leaves in what the Sun calls “a huff”.

“I’m not changing anything,” Liz tells one of her ladies. “I’ve had enough dressing like this, thank you every much. “

The session is at an end. But the “pushy” American (Mail) does produce four shots.

And a video. The meeting is captured by camera as part of the TV series A Year With The Queen.

Or five minutes and a how d’yer do, if you’re Ms Leibovitz…

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