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Big Brother: Thaila Zucchi And Charley Uchea’s Sister Act

by | 12th, July 2007

pauline.jpgTHAILA Zucchi, the Big Brother faker, has “LESBIAN LUST” for Charley.

The Star reports that Thaila’s original mission was to woo Charley Uchea for “girl-on-girl” action. Chuck in Charley’s hair and you have Big Brother pushing back the boundaries of pro-amateur-pet television.

The plot stems from words uttered by Charley when she first set eyes upon Thaila: “I’m gonna tell her she can sleep with me. I don’t mind, it’d be fun.”

So here’s Thaila in the house, doing what the part demands in the best possible taste. Says she top Charley: “I’m a raving lesbian. I can appreciate a good looking woman. I wanna have fun in this house.”

Thaila, the consummate professional, will go all the way. She will woo Charley. She and Charley will become an item. They will leave the show and press their naked breast together in the Daily Star. Charley will be thinking of the money, Thaila of her stagecraft.

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