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Getting Hooked On Islamic Extremism In London

by | 12th, July 2007

NO football. No sex. No drugs. The Times’s Camilla Cavendish looks at how London criminals are turned onto terror:

The video was made by the Active Change Foundation. What is striking about its leader, Hanif Qadir, is that he talks about street crime, gang crime, drugs, as much as religion. These are the materials from which much of the extremism in Britain is fashioned. It seems that the recruiters are using what is an age-old recipe for many successful cults and gangs. They target kids who are doing drugs, or carjacking. They offer them a safe house when they come out of prison. They provide friendship on drug rehab. It echoes the kind of pyramid-selling perfected by drug dealers: get someone hooked, and use him to hook the next ones. Why not, asks Hanif, use the same tactics against them?

Easily led and bored…

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