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Big Brother’s House Party: Charley Starts A Riot (Free Bet)

by | 13th, July 2007

charley-gerry-big-brother.jpgBIG Brother is in crisis. There are fears for Charley Uchea’s wellbeing.

Death threats? The Star does not say, declining to shine the light of publicity upon shadowy forces, but taking care not to rule out al-Qaeda, the Women’s Institute or the Animal Liberation Front.

There is talk of a riot, how parachuting an evicted Charley back into the house could spark trouble. Six former SAS professionals have been hired to ensure the Big Brother house does not turn into a televised Waco or Noel’s House Party.

“There seems to be genuine concern this could end up being another Fight Night,” says a source. “But these guys are the best there is and can take people down in seconds.”

Good. And better then Gerry who tried to take Charley down with a thrown glass of water and snootiness.

Look out for the trained heavies taking Ziggy down by commenting on how he looks about 45 and has Cliff Richard’s teeth, how Brian is Bernard Breslaw incarnate and that Chanelle should put her undersized thong on her face and starts speaking out of her bum, the one thing that keeps her in the show and offers a chance of victory.

But Charley will go tonight. She’s 1-25 on for eviction (Nicky’s 16-1) and in to 29-1 to win the show.

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