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Office Theft: Taking Toilet Roll And Software

by | 13th, July 2007

ON theft:

Revealed: Workers Guilt Free Over Office Theft

YouGov survey reveals more guilt over stealing 10p pens than illegal software worth thousands

Workers around Britain are pocketing office supplies totalling millions of pounds each year – and guilt is the last thing on their minds.

The results of the YouGov study, reveal that bosses better beware – if it’s not screwed down your staff are likely nab it.

The survey commissioned by The Federation Against Software Theft uncovered:-

Computer software and other digital downloads such as film, music and video are prime targets for 10% of those questioned.

  • 62% of people admit to stealing pens and 42% take post-it notes from the office.
  • Notebooks, printer-paper and blank cds prove too much of a temptation for 25% of workers
  • 5% even fill their bags with office loo roll!

The survey went on to reveal that while 8% of those questioned feel an occasional stab of guilt over pocketing cheap office pens, just 2% considered that downloading illegal software was something to be ashamed of – the same level of guilt experienced by those stealing toilet paper.

John Lovelock, director general of The Federation said: “Just as we expected, people fail to recognise that theft is theft – whether it’s the act of physically taking something that doesn’t belong to you or downloading software that you haven’t paid for. Digital theft is costing the UK millions of pounds each year. You wouldn’t expect to walk out of PC World with a piece of software up your jumper and get away with it, would you?

He continued: “The same applies to downloading it online. Whether it’s software, film, music or games – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Downloading this material is illegal and you will get caught. What’s more if you get caught at work, your boss could be liable to ten years in jail.”

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