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Big Brother Chanelle In Victoria Beckham LA-LA Land

by | 14th, July 2007

CHANELLE is needy. How much like Victoria Beckham is she? Do you think David Beckham went to LA to appease his wife, to give her the ticket to A-list fame she craves? not that he ever cheated on her… Just like Ziggy:

Chanelle (18-1 to win) to Ziggy: Why would you ask someone else out for a drink with you, when, you know… that’s really embarrassing for me

Ziggy (out to 54-1 to win): What? Why is that embarrassing for you? For a drink outside? You know what? You are seriously… you know what?

Chanelle: She said it on national TV

Ziggy: What, to go out for a friendly drink when we were talking about the wrap party?

Chanelle: Charley said, “Ziggy even asked me to go out for a drink with him ’cause he didn’t like Chanelle any more”. Those were the words that she said on air, Carole, int it?

Carole: No, she didn’t

Chanelle: She f****** did! Chanelle shrieked. Oh my God, ask the twins!

Ziggy: She never said that! Chanelle please! You know what it was? ‘Cause he’s not with Chanelle any more’

Carole: Yeah

Ziggy: You for some reason you think I fancy Charley! Why the hell would I nominate someone I fancied? You’re ridiculous Chanelle!

Chanelle: Don’t call me ridiculous, Zac, just leave it. Do you always have to get the last word in things?

Ziggy: I don’t. I really don’t.

One day Chanelle will look back on this and weep. But not tomorrow…

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