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Anorak In LA Sees David Beckham And Her Poshness Arrive

by | 15th, July 2007

posh.jpgTABLOID Baby sees David Beckham and Victoria arrive. And:

We realize it’s an old rag, but who said Paris Hilton jailbreak being a waste of oxygen? The Beckhams are in LA. And seriously, do these people have fans? Aside from his soccer prowess, which is appreciated in other parts of the world, are people really curious about these very British, very European proles with pretensions? Does anyone in the States really give a flying fuck about these vacuous pommie mannekins?

Anyway, Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham, the stick figure with silicone bags attached to her chest, will be featured in an NBC specialMonday night that was supposed to be a reality series until someone in power, probably new programmer and party animal Ben Silverman, realized a Posh series would contain half the content and brains of Hey Paula!, and wisely downgraded it into a single hour, and talks exclusively with Ryan Seacrest (whose American Idol/Simon Cowell/Simon Fuller/Spice Girls connection came in handy on E! tonight.

The big news? She says she’ll smile more.

Give us Kate and Pete. Noel and Liam. Somebody interesting.

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