Anorak News | McDonald’s ‘Virgin Rape’ And Other Power-Saving Options

McDonald’s ‘Virgin Rape’ And Other Power-Saving Options

by | 15th, July 2007

Ecogeek reports via Samizdata:

In the next 12 months, McDonald’s plans on creating enough fuel to power its 155 delivery vehicles while having enough fuel left over to sell into the public market. The fuel will be composed of 85% waste vegetable oil and 15% virgin rapeseed oil. So, while it will be 100% carbon neutral, it won’t be entirely waste oil.

It is all very well training executives in communication with the media. Somehow I have a feeling that if the guy was allow to talk normally instead of using the pseudo-technical press-release talk, this might have been avoided.

However, Matthew Howe, Senior VP of McDonald’s UK was quoted saying:”As we get better at the refinement we will be able to remove  from the process”, a line which we sincerely hope never gets taken out of context. [emphasis mine]

Now please excuse me whilst I clean the tea from out of my keyboard.

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