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Paying Injuries To The Student Bodies

by | 16th, July 2007

bpeterwolf.jpgTHE Sun is fuming once again as the PC-brigade continues to ruin this once great nation.

Rifling through findings on Local Education Authorities released through the Freedom of Information Act, the newspaper finds that one secondary school student, from Leicestershire, was awarded £5,700 in compensation after breaking into a school and then injuring himself whilst swinging on a gate.

The offending gate in question apparently collapsed when the boy climbed up on it. The claim formed part of an estimated £2million paid out to children who were injured on school property last year.

The Sun goes on to tell us about a £21,500 payout for a pupil in Derbyshire who suffered back strain in a drama lesson after “not receiving adequate instruction”.

Other claims include £11,334 for a boy in the West Midlands who fell after trying to retrieve his schoolbag from the top of a pile of chairs and a student in Lincolnshire who pocketed £3,000 for back injuries sustained from carrying a saxophone.

A National Union of Teachers spokesman says: “There may be circumstances where injury could not be avoided and it is likely the pupil will be awarded compensation. But this will mean higher insurance premiums for the school, taking money away from every child’s education.”

A Taxpayers’ Alliance spokesman says: “The vast majority of claims are people out to make a quick buck at the expense of taxpayers.”

Meanwhile a small boy is being eaten by a wolf. Come quick. Why d’yer mean you don’t care..?

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