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Beckham Versus Beckham. Spin V. Bend. Simon Fuller’s American Idol

by | 16th, July 2007

golden-balls1.jpg“WE could have stayed at Real Madrid and done another three years, but David has already won everything in club football in Europe.”

No, not Victoria Beckham but the more important force in creating Brand Beckham, Simon Fuller.

“So he wins another league title,” says the man who has formed David and Victoria’s careers through his 19 management company. “So what? I am not downplaying that as an achievement, but people need to realise what has brought him out here.”

Money? Fame? Money? The need to avoid the pressure of winning again? Quitting while you are ahead?

“If you have a dream, you have to have the bottle to chase it, otherwise it will haunt you for the rest of your life,” says Fuller.

He goes on: “I never look at my feet. Some people do, but I look to the horizon.” For the long diagonal ball? “Really, what is the worst thing that can happen for David’s career.”

Well, invited to respond we say the worst thing would be if Americans come to realise Beckham is no Pele and though a star for a poor England side he is unable to score in every game and is as likely to bend the ball into the net as he is to smash a penalty into Row Z.

Beckham the brand versus Beckham the reality. It will be exciting to see who wins.

But the LA Galaxy shirts are selling well. The Express says Beckham’s new team have flogged 250,000 jerseys on day one of his arrival. Wow! That’s the spin. The truth, as reported in the Times, is that 250,00 shirts have been “distributed by adidas”. 1-0 to spin. Or bend.

But Beckham does not play alone. Here’s Victoria Beckham in the Express. She’s holding a baseball bat. There is every chance that with the mighty weapon hooked over her shoulder Vicky is set to topple backwards.

beckham.jpgHere’s Posh in the supermarket. The Mail spots her with a trolleyload of goods. “I get quite bored with the way people look the same all the time with the same make-up and the same outfit, and the same kind of hair.” To say nothing of the same kind of expression.

LA will be good for Vicky, then. Over there people can change their entire heads, chests and buttocks. Hair comes with Velcro fasteners. Breasts are box fresh. Although teeth are only available in a uniformly brilliant white.

And houses are huge. The Beckham’s new home made David, who had not chosen it, exclaim “Wow!”

Says Vicky: “I felt really bad about doing the house hunt alone, buying such an expensive place without my husband seeing it. I felt, ‘I’m making this huge decision about our future on my own’.”

But she is never on her own. We are together. We are Simon Fuller…

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