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Madeleine McCann: A Lead?

by | 16th, July 2007

Paulo Reis writes:

“I didn’t know anything about him (B. Alapetite), for months, in the places he used to be. I never said he was ‘el francés’, but when he defends himself (from the accusations) it seems that he is throwing stones against his own roof (1)”, said Toscano, who yesterday went back to Algarve, to keep colaborating with the Portuguese Criminal Police, which hasn’t put aside his lead, as the Portuguese state news agency wrote”, says Virginia Lopez.

One day after the journalist was at Praia da Luz, for the first time, on June 27, the Spanish Police arrested a couple, at Sotogrande, because of their presumed relation with the kidnapping (of Madeleine). They are the Italian Danilo Chenello, 61 years old, and the Portuguese Aurora Vaz Pereira, 54 years. Both have been in jail for aggression to their own daughter and her boyfriend for more than ten years”, according to “El Mundo” story.

International Press said that they were arrested for trying to extort money to the McCann couple, giving false information concerning the whereabouts of their daughter, in order to get the four million euros of reward. However, Chenello – who had an arrest warrant from French authorities because of ‘criminal association’ – could have a more direct connection with Madeleine kidnapping because, according to Toscano, he had a home at Niza where ‘El Francés’ use to go frequently”, writes the Spanish journalist.

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