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Reasons To Have Sex, With Big Brother’s Danielle Lloyd

by | 17th, July 2007

dani-lloyd1.jpgTHERE are “hot new pictures” of Danielle Lloyd in the Star.

Of course there are not. There are hot pictures of Dani Lloyd, the non-bullying, non-bigoted counterpunch to that hideous Danielle.

So hot is Dani that she’s wearing a string vest and no underwear. It’s a strong look and one we imagine well known to Star readers. If Dani can just perch her lips atop a bacon roll and scratch somewhere intimate, she will be as one with her people.

And she is getting hotter still. In “237 REASONS TO HAVE SEX”, the top driver to procreate is “I wanted to keep warm”.

The next most prominent reasons are: “I wanted to get a promotion”; “I wanted to release tensions”; “I wanted to feel closer to God”; and “I was bored”.

Such are the findings of researchers at the University of Texas for Archives of Sexual Behaviour.

Meanwhile Dani is so hot she needs not sex but to remove her string vest and get on her hands and knees for a good airing. And give readers the kind of look that could melt a friend egg sandwich…

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