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Chanelle Says Ziggy Is No Big Brother

by | 17th, July 2007

BIG BROTHER ZIGGY’S SEX SECRETS,” announces the Star’s front page.

Chanelle is seeking revenge. She wants to get back at Ziggy by telling the world that he has a small penis.

“You go for the jugular every time, don’t you,” says Ziggy (out to 69-1 to win) to his former lover. The main vein.

Chanelle (12-1) wants Ziggy to stop talking to Charley. “It upsets me,” says she. “Will you not do it?”

Chanelle needs to grow up. But Big Brother only runs for another month or so and there is not time for her to develop into an adult before our eyes.

But Ziggy is not easily put off. He’s back in bed with Chanelle showing how much he cares, as he is best able.

“I am glad you are here Zac,” says Chanelle. “If you had been in the BB house another year I would never have met you.”

And then there would have been no Ziggy and Wet Blanket romance.

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