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John Puts The Council Tax Cats Among The Pidgens

by | 17th, July 2007

POOR old John Pidgen. All he was trying to do was right an injustice and fight an unfair system. Yet the 69-year-old has upset the neighbours.

The pensioner, who lives in Portslade, East Sussex, had discovered he was paying more council tax than his neighbours living in identical homes and decided to protest to the local council that he was paying over the odds.

However, rather than simply decrease Mr Pidgen’s bill, the council calculated that the other homes on his street needed to pay £298 a year or £30 a month more.

“Wouldn’t have thought I am the most popular man in the street now,” says agents Pidgen.

Catherine Biggs, 46, one of those affected by the pensioner’s investigations, is less than pleased. Says she: “I’m really angry. It just seems so unfair that we’ve had this increase put on us by one person complaining and then it going the wrong way.”

Pidgen first learned of the discrepancies over council tax when he was chatting to a neighbour.

Who would speak to him now?

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