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The Real And The Fake Big Brother Invokes Pity (Free Bet)

by | 17th, July 2007

So what if it’s a fix and Charley is going to win. It’s only a gameshow, a contest in which viewers are invited to spend money on voting out their favourites and seeing them parachuted back in again.

It’s fake week. It’s Big Brother. Whisper it but the Big Brother house is not a real house. It’s not even on a real street. There is no council tax to be paid. It’s a studio in a field near Elstree.

And amid so much fakery, no-one is more of a fake than Charley. Sure she likes to keep it real, but reality to Charley is a lie. She tells it like it is. And it is one big lie.

If first place went to the housemate who had climbed Mount Snowdon in the fastest time and eaten Roy Castle’s trumpet, Charley would win. Anyone who says she’s a liar is just jealous.

Of course, one day Charley will be chucked out the house. She will feel the love. She will dance on a table at Chinawhites and date a Division One footballer. Her fame will be real. And then after two weeks of life in the limelight, Charley will stand on the wet patch and begin the slow inexorable slide into obscurity. The pain will be real.

Sure, she will tell her friends and pigeons in the precinct that she is more popular than air and was once asked to be Queen, but they will not believe her. Although Brain might, especially if Charley writes the truth down in a book.

But Charley is in the house. Nicky and Gerry are up for the chop. Nicky is a shoo-in to go. To date, all the favourites for eviction have gone. Nicky will go. At 1-33 on, Nicky is the shortest price yet for a housemate’s eviction. She is a dead cert.

Of course, Nicky is being edited to look whiny, lazy, miserable and grumpy. Although the housemates, who see her in what passes for reality 24/7, call her “grating” (Carole), the “sneakiest housemate” (Liam), and “nasty” (Gerry).

How Nicky who does nothing but moan and grumble came to be nastier than Charley is an oddity that no end of Big Brother psychologists can pontificate over.

Maybe it’s because after a while Charley just loses all power. She’s the housemate you can’t hate. Only pity…

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