Anorak News | US Senator Edwards Will Make Rich Kids Go To Inner-City Schools

US Senator Edwards Will Make Rich Kids Go To Inner-City Schools

by | 18th, July 2007

THAT you David Cameron? This will never work. Edwards has no chance. Prnalised for being rich? This from the guy with the $400 haircuts:

NEW ORLEANS—Sen. John Edwards plans to warn later this week that the nation’s schools have become segregated by race and income, and he will propose measures to diversify both inner-city and middle-class schools.

The plan calls for beefing up inner-city magnet schools to attract suburban kids, and providing extra money for schools in middle-class areas as a reward for enrolling more low-income students. . . .

“The result is,” Edwards continued, “if you live in a wealthy suburban area, the odds are very high that your child will get a very good public school education. If you live in the inner city or if you live in a poor rural area, the odds of that go down dramatically. And I think there are very specific things we can do to not only improve the quality of the education in those areas but also to improve the quality of our schools at large.”

In his remarks later this week, Edwards plans to criticize last month’s 5-4 Supreme Court decision striking down two school desegregation programs and saying that schools cannot use race as a basis for assigning students, even to promote diversity.

The proposals Edwards plans to unveil would encourage income diversity in schools, in the hope that poor students would have more experienced teachers and motivated classmates.

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