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George Galloway Is Abu Hamza

by | 18th, July 2007

george-galloway.JPGGEORGE Galloway is suspended from the House of Commons.


This is “treacherous” George Galloway who has been thrown out the commons for “concealing” payments.

Galloway failed to register his full interests in the Miriam Appeal. The Commons Standards and Privileges Committee concludes:

“We believe he was complicit in the concealment of the true source of the funds for the Miriam Appeal. Mr Galloway’s political activities conducted through the appeal were thus, in part, funded by the regime and Mr Galloway at best turned a blind eye to what has happened and, on balance, was likely to have known and been complicit in what was going on.”

A blind eye. A crooked hand? A hideous beard. Galloway of Bagdad Central becomes Abu Hamza, the one-eyed, no-handed, purple people eater.

“THAT’S ENOUGH ABU-SE, GEORGE,” says the Sun above five pictures of Galloway morphing into Hamza.

Miriam – The Wished For Child

Not Miriam Hamza, who lent her name to the appeal. Miriam had leukaemia. She needed help. But the hard-hearted West had imposed sanctions on good Saddam’s Iraq. Miriam was suffering because of them.

george-galloway-1.jpgGalloway helped raise money for her treatment. She was moved to the Children’s Hospital in Baghdad in 1988. Her family were forcibly moved there too. “We were puppets of Saddam,” says Miriam’s father in the Mail.

The suspicion is that the girl was being used to score political points. The charity had a “political element”. Save her and hurt the West. Galloway the Good Samaritan with an eye for a photo opportunity.

“I will miss you sneers Galloway,” says the Mail’s headline. Readers learn that the “maverick” has been banned from the Commons for one month. It’s 18-days in the Sun, which may be a month in politics where nothing is black and white. It may even be a treat given the routine level of boredom and apathy in the debating chamber.

“This is a Parliament that is full of party donors, some of whom are convicted fraudsters, convicted thieves,” says Galloway.

It’s not Saddam’s Iraq, the man to whom Galloway gushed: “Sir, I salute your courage, strength, your indefatigability.”

One wonders what words will be used to surmise Galloway’s career, a man famous for wearing a red leotard and meowing into Rula Lenska’s hand.

It’s over to Rhina in the Sun, who whips off her top to tell us: “He’s a stain on British politics – his constituents deserve better.”

But they voted for him. You make your choices and take your chances. And few take their chances as well as Galloway…

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