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Big Brother: Chanelle’s British Summer Time

by | 18th, July 2007

BIG Brother’s preordained winner Charley Uchea has been a revelation, offering an instant explanation as to why lapdancing clubs are so dimly lit and why men who visit them to talk to the girls are benign economical with the actualite.

Only a student pyschoanalyst or the Daily Sport would pay to converse with Charley (59-1 to win the show).

But sex sells. And sex has been used to sell Big Brother since its inception. Remember all those headlines and teasers about when the first act of coitus would occur.

This season’s Big Brother has already, apparently, featured Ziggy and Chanelle at it. Luckily that these more physically attractive housemates chose to buddy up; although we are left to wonder how much more interesting things would have been had Carole hooked up with Jonathan.

And then there is Chanelle (11-1 to win), the biggest wet patch since Madonna melted the icecap at Live Earth. Chanelle is not just drippy; Chanelle is a constant light drizzle. She is British summer time made legs and thong.

Charley is Chanelle’s nemesis. And we are now willing her to stop the flirting with Ziggy and move things on. A smooch in front of Chanelle would turn the Wakekfield wonder into a puddle.

And we would warm to Ziggy (47-1 to win). Who does not want to see what occurs when Charley snares her prey? She’ll be a terrier right. She’ll eat him alive, or else chew him up and spit him out.

And what if she finds love, real love; not the love that the world has for her, that deluded love that Charley sees in chants of “Get Charley out!” and “We hate youuuuu!” But real love.

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