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Big Brother Is Jester Bit Of Fun: Run Brian Belo, Run

by | 19th, July 2007

brian-belo.jpg BRIAN is not as dumb as he looks.

Sure he walks like a clockwork toy soldier. And since his Bucher Boy haircut there is something of the Forrest Gump about him, that part of the film where our hero runs in his leg braces.

But Brian (4-9 favourite to be the show’s top male) is smart.

He has been heard to utter the word “bourgeois”. He said “bohemian”. One reporter talks of “niche”.

Brian is no fool. Essex FM is the fool. As reported on Anorak, the station has begun a campaign to get Brian evicted from the Big Brother house. Essex FM says Brian is so thick he shows Essex in a bad light.

Brian’s mum Sue Smith believes he is simply playing the game. “He’s being portrayed as the Essex idiot but he’s not thick,” says Sue. “It’s just a game show and he’s playing it. He is clever.”

Brian’s aunt Rhona says: “He’s a genuinely nice lad. It’s a disgrace a radio show would be so disrespectful.”

Yeah. Show some R.E.S.P.C.T. “I’m going to be glamorous. G.L.A.M.O.R.S,” says Brain.

And then see the other Brian. The gangly boy with the straight-legged walk as if he’s been hit on the head by a cartoon hammer. In a cartoon, there would be sparrows twittering about Brian’s head.

But some wonder if Brian wetted himself on purpose to win the money? Or is he in some ways challenged?

Or maybe he’s just content and able to be himself. He wees. He cries. He starts a conversation by saying “Shut up!”

This is Brian. As Tracy says – and this is all she says – “Deal with it”.

(Do you remember Tracey, the raver who is ‘avin it in the stack? Yesterday she pulled on a clown’s head mask, a high rubber brow with day-glo shards of foam stuck out the top. This is very possibly Tracey’s headgear of first choice, the next best thing to a jester’s hat. But still she didn’t say much, or do much. Tracey is a disappointment. We were looking for Normski in his pomp but got Tony Adams after he’d come off the booze and cleaned up his act. This is reflected in Tracey’s odds on winning – she’s out to 89-1)

Brain is wearing a black top hat and a black suit. He looks like he should be trying to kill James Bond or recording a duet with Grace Jones.

He might be. Or he might be trying to work out how to walk and talk at the same time.

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