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Behead Those Who Insult Britain: Islamists Lose Again

by | 19th, July 2007

old-bailey-muslims.jpg JAVED shouted “bomb the UK”. Saleem “stirred up race hate”. Muhid “led the crowd”. Rahman “wanted ‘blood’”.

No, not the Key Stage 2 text book Learn England With Hamas but words used to describe the actions of four men ranting and raving outside the Danish Embassy in London.

The four have been demonstrating against cartoons published in Denmark of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed as a terrorist.

“Bomb, bomb the UK,” yells Muhid. “Bomb, bomb Denmark,” adds Javed, joining in the game of terror sans frontières. He is handing out leaflets on which it is writ: “My name is terrorist, my aim is terrorism.”

Rahman says of British soldiers in Iraq: “We want to see their blood running in the streets of Baghdad.”

These men are all British. Javed, Muhid and Rahman are now residing in a British jail, sentenced to six years each for soliciting murder and three years concurrently for stirring up race hate.” Saleem got four years for inciting race hate.

Outside the Old Bailey, London, the Express sees a female policewoman standing guard. Behind her are five Muslim women dressed head to toe in black. The carry a message: “British police go to hell.”

The Express calls this “OUTRAGEOUS”. Perhaps. But it cannot be the first time such words have been uttered near the court. Indeed, in light of all the chants for beheadings and the bloodlust outside the Danish embassy, these words appear sober and measured.

“How these Muslims are repaying our hospitality,” says the Express. But these Muslims might be British.

The paper should know that Muslim and British are not mutually exclusive terms. If they are British, these women have every right to protest. They are not here because they have been invited. They are here because this is their country.

The extremists’ message is one of death, nihilism and hate. The British message is of tolerance and fairness. And if our message is adhered to it wins.

One law for all. Send the men down…

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