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Gordon Brown, General Elections And The New Labour Manifesto

by | 19th, July 2007

GORDON Brown’s doing ever so well. He hasn’t declared war on anyone for an entire fortnight. Much better than Tony. But he needs validation. He needs to be voted in. Or not. As the BBC’s Nick Robinson writes:

Funny place Westminster. The man who became prime minister rejecting the need for a general election to confirm him in office is, we are endlessly told, secretly considering holding – you guessed it – a general election. The signs are, it’s said, all there.

Cabinet meetingThis week we were informed in hushed tones of what was said at Cabinet. Normally the confidentiality of these discussions is fiercely protected. Not so this week. We were invited to report that Labour’s general election co-ordinator had told his ministerial colleagues that – wait for it – the polls were looking good for the party and that – it gets better – I quote “because of the weakness of his position David Cameron has been forced to revert to right wing issues”. Had those words been issued as a party press release most self respecting journalists would have put them in the file marked “propaganda” – known in my office as the bin.

Ah but, I hear you say, didn’t I hear recently that Mr Miliband – that is the less famous of the two brothers – had begun drafting the next Labour manifesto? You did hear that but did you pause to consider what the words “begun drafting” might actually mean? Would typing the word “manifesto” at the top of a page qualify? There is, though, one word to describe the talk of a snap election – it’s tosh.

Why would Brown risk what he has waited ten years for so early?

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