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Victoria Beckham Reveals All

by | 20th, July 2007

poshlegs3.jpg“WHAT I’m really like is always in a pair of jeans and tracksuit bottoms running around after my kids,” says Victoria Beckham.

Yes, this is the same Vitoria Beckham who commented on LA womanhood: “They dress down quite a lot here, don’t they? It seems to be in keeping to go to Starbucks in tracksuit bottoms and Ugg boots.”

Branded snooty and arrogant by her new neighbours, Posh went on: “I have one pair [of tracksuit bottoms] for non-photographic opportunities only.”

That opening first comment may be an attempt at damage limitation.

Although it all might mean that Victoria has only one tracksuit which she is always in. That may well be unhygienic, but Posh has offered the caveat that she only wears it when there is no photo opportunity. But because her life is one long to-camera pout, it might be that she never wears a tracksuit. Or that what we call heels and skin-tight trousers, Posh calls a tracksuit.

There is, as ever, much to debate and discuss about Posh, hers a life in contradictions. And from her definition of a tracksuit we move to her legs.

Posh is walking to a video shoot in Beverly Hills.

And Sun readers get to see the Posh legs looking less than perfect. As the paper says: “Mum-of-three Victoria, 33, is helping soccer star hubby David conquer the States after he switched to Loa Angeles team LA Galaxy.”

The impression we had is of the opposite, and that David has given up a glorious career at the apogee of world football with Real Madrid to sell Posh’s jeans and Brand Beckham to badly dressed and football-ignorant Americans.

But we stand corrected. And refocus on Posh’s legs which in close up resemble the skin atop tripe.

“Nice dimples, Posh” says the Mail, which boasts a rich history of highlighting the great and good’s body parts. “Shame they’re on your sun-kissed legs.”

Anorak suggests less sun-kissed and more sun–ravished. The Mail sees “puckered skin” and cellulite.

Although look again. Might it be that this is not Posh’s naked skin on show, rather her baggy tracksuit pants?

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