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Big Brother Betting Odds And Winning Free Money With Nicky

by | 20th, July 2007

NICKY has “no friends”.

The Mirror makes it its business to publicise this truth. In “NICKY NO MATES”, readers learn that Nicky has no friends and will be voted out of the house tonight.

One punter has put £32,000 on Nicky being evicted tonight. On Betfair Nicky is 1.01 – 100-1 on – to go. This big punter stands to win £320 pounds.

We have no wish to cast aspersions on the character or mental ability of this gambler, but if Anorak were to engage in such a bet, it would be because it had illicit funds to wash or played football for West Ham United.

Nicky is not going to win Big Brother. You can get 509-1 on Nicky taking the £110,000 first prize. You can also make bets on Victoria Beckham hitting a note, Jordan sleeping on her front and an incontinent bear walking about the Vatican with a sheet of toilet paper.

The only reason to make this bet is to get our hands on Anorak’s free £10.

Sign up to Betfair here. Put £10 (plus an additional 15p for credit card handling charge) in your account. Bet the £10 on Nicky to be evicted. Get you ten pounds back with a small profit.

And then receive another tenner FREE. You win!

You can then take the tenner from your account, leaving the free money there to carry in betting.

Make the bet.

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