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Nicky’s Big Brother Comedown With Max Wall

by | 21st, July 2007

268206.jpg“I’M fun!” says Nicky in her Big Brother debriefing.

We want to agree. But we can’t. Nicky is miserable. She’s good looking but a smear of heavy eyeliner and a look into her eyes and she mutates into Max Wall.

Nicky is a miserabilist. That monotone voice. She’s channelling Ken Livingstone.

But she is missed by some. “It’s really sad, I’m proper gutted,” says Tracey in the Diary Room. It’s un-phat. Tracey is shedding tears. “She’ll be sadly missed by me. Definitely. She’ll watch us now.”

Tracy says she will miss Nicky’s chats. Tracy is, of course, a cheesy quaver and may miss those long heart-to-hearts in the stack, the droney comedown conversations. Perhaps Nicky reminds her of those times.

“I was proper surprised,” says Tracy of Nicky’s eviction. “I liked her so much so you don’t wanna think otherwise. It’s hard to watch someone leave. It’s a big loss ‘cos we had chats together and I won’t have that anymore. I won’t see her smile, her laugh, her ways.”

Her smile? Her laugh? Are those herbal cigarettes getting to Tracey? Can basil alter the mind and create false memories?

With Nicky gone, the betting is that Tracy will be next to leave. Anorak says take the bet. At 12-5, Tracy represents decent money. And with one of her friends gone, she will be nominated and very likely up for eviction.

She will probably face Charley, 4-5 favourite to be the sixth eviction. She has to go. Unless, of course, Big Brother does what we all crave and introduce a new housemate.

Charley is the show’s leading light. Hateful, mean, vindictive, argumentative but nonetheless likeable, or at least hard to despise, Charley is the show’s star. And the won we will miss should she go…

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