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Big Brother’s Jade Goody Snaps

by | 23rd, July 2007

jade-goody.jpgLIKE a trickle of last night’s kebab in curry jus on the mini cab’s velour cushion covers, Jade Goody is hard to shift.

The Sun features the Big Brother bigot and bully in its TV pages. In “JADE: I WANTED TO DIE AFTER BIG BROTHER”, readers lean of Jade’s post-Brother syndrome.

In conversation with Piers Morgan for the show You Can’t Fire Me I’m Famous, Jade says: “I had bad depression. I was on sleeping pills and on suicide watch.”

Depression is, of course, the celebrity sickness du jour. Many have it, the illness striking when their careers hit the wet patch, when the celebrity has been exposed as a talentless nasty piece of work.

To those non-celebs who are truly sick, depression is an illness, controllable, perhaps, but not always curable. To celebrities, depression is a handful of headache tablets and a bout of self-pity. Depression is hard-to-knot silk sheets with matching pillow cases and complementary robe in a reassuringly expensive private clinic.

“It’s the worst thing a mother can say, ‘There’s no hope’. But I snapped out of that quickly because I’ve got kids and they are my life,” says Jade.

Good that Jade snapped out of her depression and her suicidal tendencies. If only other depressives can copy Jade’s fine example and just snap out of it.

It’s so depressing…

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