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Xu Jinglei Is WOrld’s Most Popular Blogger

by | 23rd, July 2007

NOT as cute as Anorak, naturally:

The musings of an actress who writes about her pet cats and favourite television series have captured the imagination of internet users and made her the most-read blogger in the world.

That she is one of the most beautiful film stars in China has certainly not hindered Xu Jinglei’s rise to the top. But it is also the everyday style of her entries, distinguished more by their very ordinariness than by sexy kiss-and-tell tales from her life as a star, that has attracted her huge audience. It is an approach with which many ordinary Chinese feel they can identify, and her blog has become the first to boast 100 million page views.

It is not unusual for Miss Xu to receive 1,000 responses to a posting about her cats or the difficulties of learning English for a 33-year-old Beijing-girl-turned-actress. A weekend blog about watching an episode of the American TV series Prison Break has already drawn 776 comments. Her image as the girl next door, often dressed simply in jeans and T-shirt, enhances her appeal.

The secret of her success – a big audience, little competition and a cute smile?

She has been taken aback by the popularity of her blog. “I’ve been often asked to explain why my blog is so popular. And my standard answer is that I rate quite well all round,” she said. “I’m not the most-famous actress, not the most popular director, nor the best writer. But if you add all that up, I’m fairly good. Also, I started blogging earlier than most celebrities.”

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