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David Cameron And Tories Adrift

by | 24th, July 2007

camband.jpgDRIP! Drip! Drip! It’s Conservative leader David Cameron. (Pic: The Spine)

“1m VICTIMS OF THE DELUGE,!” says the Mail. “So where’s the Rt Hon member for washed-out Witney?”

This is the Mail, the paper that claims to know and shape what Middle England thinks. With the battle for centre ground, it will be the Mail and not the Sun wot wins the next election.

And while the Tory-supporting paper’s editor Paul Dacre is having drinks with Gordon Brown, the Mail is pouring cold water on Tory leader David Cameron’s ambitions.

Cameron is not in Oxfordshire in a hybrid pedalo, armed with a bucket and a pair of wading boots.

Cameron is in Rwanda. His constituents in Witney, Oxfordshire, they who vote for him, are swimming to the kitchen or under threat of flooding.

“It’s all right for David Cameron,” says one resident, “he goes off on a jolly to Rwanda – but we are suffering.” Given Rwanda’s recent history, the word “jolly” seems odd. Cameron is, naturally, finding facts, just as he did last week when he did visit his constituency’s wet room.

He was in the locale on Sunday. The residents were unimpressed, at least those the Mail speaks to.

“We are the people who vote for him and he is patronising us,” says shop manger Gary Kirk. “He is more concerned with how he looks and the publicity than our suffering.”

But Cameron is in Rwanda on their behalf.

“There are some people in Britain who told me not to come,” Cameron will say in a speech later today. “They said I should stay at home and worry about domestic issues. Well let me tell them – and let me tell you – that in the 21st century, a century of global trade, global migration, and yes, global terrorism, there is no ‘domestic’ and ‘foreign’ any more. This world today, we are all in it together.”

Cameron might highlight the global, and educate empathetic Rwandans on the state of Mr Kirk’s shop, but until we are told otherwise, only Britons can vote in a general election.

And while Cameron is away, the Mail says one million of his countrymen are suffering. And plans for a Tory Government are adrift…

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