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eBay Addict Set For Porridge

by | 25th, July 2007

WE all like a bit of praise, don’t we? It gives us that little boost we need to help us through each day of our sordid little meaningless lives.

Yet for prison officer Timothy Stark, a few compliments went to his head, with rather unfortunate consequences.

The 38-year-old father of two liked to flog things on eBay, you see. And while the East Yorkshireman enjoyed the buzz of doing business on the website, he liked the comments from purchasers praising his fast and efficient service even more. So much so that he became addicted to the site, even stealing prison mugshots, a con’s Nike tracksuit and clothes boxes from Full Sutton jail near York.

Defending Stark at Hull Crown Court, Glen Parsons says: “It was not about the money. He got compliments for valued service. It was this he became addicted to”.

Stark, who made £1,200 from selling the stolen gear before being caught in a police sting operation, got four months in prison for his troubles.

One wonders how the other inmates will treat a prison officer who’s now on the other side of the bars.

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