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Lohan And Spears Are OK! In Britain’s Own National Enquirer

by | 25th, July 2007

britney-spears_2.jpgMORE signs of the Sun turning into the National Enquirer as the front-page headline oozes: “WHEN GIRLS GO BAD…BRITNEY In shocking shoot breakdown; LINDSAY On new drink drive and cocaine rap.”

Britney is Britney Spears. Lindsay is Lindsay Lohan. Both are American. And Sun readers should wonder what these young Americans have done to nudge Britain’s native rehab-dwelling, drug-taking celebrity coterie from the news pages.

Can it be that we have run out of celebrities, that the torrent of reality-made and Stage school-honed wannabes has run dryer than an Arizona clinic?

Or is it just that with the Beckhams in Los Angeles, the Sun, the couple’s No. 1 cheerleader, is keen to justify the expense of watching David Beckham play a few minutes’ pub football and Victoria wearing her hair in a bun?

Or is it that, as we suggest, Lohan and Spears are fascinating?

Everyone’s A Critic

We join Britney on a visit to the toilet at her Hollywood mansion. She is recording an interview for OK! magazine.

“She was babbling incoherently, talking in baby talk,” says an eyewitness. And: “Britney seemed to be out of her mind. She went to the toilet and when she came back she couldn’t continue with the interview.”

Oh: “She ate some food and vomited over her Gucci dress.”

We who are versed on OK!’s interview style have sympathy for Spears. Who has not felt the rising critique as OK! pours syrup on syrup and coats the lot in Swarovski crystal and a recording of Lady In Red?

And we can read about Spears’ “meltdown” in OK! magazine, which will publish the “truth”. “This week, the truth will be told,” says editor-ion-chief Sarah Ivens. Very noble. But surely the truth is the mainstay of OK!’s editorial policy and needs to no special introduction?

We will look out for the interview, and enjoy reading that Spears’ diaphanous vomit contained traces of a mint and truffle jus and her Chartreuse pallor belied a caring heart.

Lohan Be Held

For now we turn to Lohan. She has been arrested. Read about that her, and her “kooky” mum Dina here.

Lohan is said to be over the alcohol limit as she drives her car in pursuit of the “terrified” mum of her personal assistant.

Police catch up with Lohan as she is yelling at the mother in a car park in Santa Monica. Lindsay is wearing a spotty complexion, no shoes and an alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet.

She is not wearing David Beckham’s new LA Galaxy shirt, which is both an oversight and a shock…

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