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Charley Gets Her Boot From Big Brother: Six New Housemates

by | 25th, July 2007

“AT last Charley’s getting the boot.” That’s what the Sun says. That’s what the Betfair punters say, with Charley now 1-33 on to be the sixth housemate evicted from the Big Brother house.

Charley’s imminent eviction and appearance on the pages on Nuts magazine, a beach in Marbella and in a Manchester United sweatband (around her chest) will allow some of the other housemates to shine.

Chanelle may even begin to sparkle. She showed signs of a personality when rowing with Charley. We urged Chanelle on. Sure he sounded like Jane Horrocks in Little Voice, a sheepish bleat in the face of Charley’s barking madness, but she tried.

But then she failed. Never apologise. No need to be the better person, the bigger person. Chanelle had gone to down to Charley’s level. And that is not a good place to be.

Chanelle is ashamed and contrite. She wants to apologise to Charley. But she should not. She should ride it out stick by what she has said. But Chanelle is 19. She listens to Samdana, who does an impression of Jimmy Tarbuck and tells her that she should tell Charley she “agrees to disagree”.

But who is not willing Chanelle to put the boot it, to say “tatty-bye” to Charley? But Chanelle does not remind Charley that when she’s back home on Friday night she can give her hair some exercise. “Look on the bright side, Charley,” we want her to say, “you can make that vet’s appointment now.”

But the words do not some. Chanelle misses her chance. But she wills till wave goodbye to Charmless Charley on Friday night.

Charley will go. And we will forget her soon enough. We will forget her because on Friday Big Brother will answer our prayers and parachute six new housemates into the show.


This makes betting on who will win too hard. Better you bet against Brian winning. Laying a bet means you are betting on something not to happen – a match not to end in a draw, a horse not to come in first, a rugby team not to win by over 7 pts etc.

You could lay favourite to win Brian at 5-6. Or lay Gerry to finish in the top four at 15-8.

And wonder what price Charley that will be placed back in the house…

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