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David Beckham And Tom As They Were In Los Angeles

by | 26th, July 2007

victoria-beckham-katiie.jpgDAVID Beckham has not lost it.

Little has been heard of the former England captain since his retirement from football (rumour is he plays soccer now), but the Sun tracks him down to the back of a sports centre in Los Angeles. Who knew?

Journeyed Beckham watchers will recall the former footballer making similar appearances in the stands for long periods of his Real Madrid career.

You will, doubtless, remember that vision of Beckham adopting such a pose in the company of Tom Cruise, the American actor.

Wind the clock on and Becks is with actor Tom once more. But not Tom Cruise, rather Tom Watt, former EastEnders barman and professional Arsenal supporter. Watt now covers football for BBC Radio London, fronting the phone-in show that routinely features the conversation:

Watt: Who do you support?
Caller: Crystal Palace
Watt: Good for you. Next caller…

Sun readers could see this tableau of Beckham with Watt, Brooklyn Beckham and Everton FC’s Phil Neville and deduce that Beckham has become old hat, yesterday’s news in the City of dreams and stars.

Can it be? The Mirror wonders what LA women think of Posh and Becks. “Victoria is too thin… even by LA standards,” says a 30-year-old account manager. “She needs to watch out for David’s groupies,” says a 34-year-old blonde. “Didn’t he used to be David Beckham?” says another?

Her Poshness responds by wearing a top bearing the legend “Show me the money”. The Sun says it’s a line from the film Jerry McGuire, starring Tom Cruise.

But we can’t be certain. And in any case, as the Sun notes, LA Galaxy have just scored a goal. David looks less pleased than amazed. It’s LA Galaxy 2, Pachuca of Mexico 1.

And David Beckham can says he was there to see it all…

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