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No Short-Term Harm From Mobile Phone Masts

by | 26th, July 2007

PHONE masts. Phones. Chip and pin machines. Wi-fi. Try not to worry:

Mobile phone masts do not cause harmful short-term health effects, according to a study of people who say they experience symptoms when they are close to them. The study deals another blow to the notion that low-level electromagnetic fields from cellphones or base stations are dangerous.

The researchers looked at 2G and 3G phone masts in a lab setting where both the participants and researchers did not know whether the equipment was turned on. The set-up was designed to mimic the output from a phone mast at 20-30 metres from the subject. “It looks like there was pretty good evidence that people couldn’t detect the signals,” said Elaine Fox at Essex University, who led the study, published yesterday in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.

Who thinks it’s doing us no harm?

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