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Who Would Be The Man To Kill Bob Geldof?

by | 27th, July 2007

bobgeldof.jpgWHO would be the man to kill Bob Geldof, patron saint of stadium rock and dug-deep pockets?

We ask not in a morbid fashion, nor indeed in the pursuit of volunteers. We ask in light of the Sun’s front-page news: “MY TERROR IN GELDOF SMASH.”

Who does not feel for Andrew Quinn, 39, as his motorbike comes into contact with the Geldof car?

Quinn, as the Sun reports, is “catapulted” to the ground. “I didn’t stand a chance,” he tells the world. “

He wants us to understand. And if the apology doesn’t work then Quinn makes a limping play for our sympathies: “I’m now facing surgery and injuries that may be with me the rest of my life.”

Readers see Quinn sat in a wheelchair on the pavement. His right leg is covered in a thick plaster. It is not raining.

But let us not judge Quinn harshly as the man who would kill Saint Bob Geldof before we have heard his tale.

The Sun takes up the action as Quinn is piloting his bike home along London’s King’s Road. “I was riding carefully doing about 25mph,” he says. Nothing was coming the other way.”

And? “Suddenly this car appeared in front of me doing a U-turn. I guess he’d been parked and was let out by some one in the queue. I didn’t see who was driving.”

Oh no! “I hit the brakes, but there was no way I could stop. I hit the front diver’s side just behind the bonnet. I flew through the air thinking ‘This is going to hurt’ and landed directly on my knee.”

Them are he facts, yer honour. And now Quinn is lying on the ground. He looks up. A vision. “I was only aware of a mop of hair staring down. He started speaking, but I couldn’t hear as my helmet was still on.”
“This is my first accident but it was f***ing awful,” says the voice. “I hope he’s well cared for and out soon.”

And then a flash of light. And the Sun…

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