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The £3,000 Ryanair Fag

by | 27th, July 2007

TRAVELLING with a budget airline can drive anyone to drugs, from the sub-human staff to the inevitable battle with fellow cheapskates for the best seats. and for one Martin Rose, the need for a cheeky ciggie proved too great and too costly.

The 36-year-old was on a Ryanair flight from Girona when the craving for his old friend Mr Nicotine grew too strong. Rose, of Cleveland, was initially warned by a stewardess after being spotted with a cigarette and lighter in his hand in the Boeing 737.

However, the renegade smoker still proceeded to lock himself in the loo and enjoy his illicit smoke. When a sated Rose eventually opened the door again, cabin crew noticed a haze of smoke as well as that distinct aroma wafting from the cubicle.

Prosecutor Justin Bullas told Doncaster’s Justice of the Peace: “The cubicle was searched, the smoke alarm was covered up with a napkin and the ash was in the sink.”

Ross was fined the maximum £2,500 plus £700 costs.

With those skills of deception, Ross shouldn’t expect a call from MI5 any day soon.

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