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Flood Victim Hit By Nasty Bill

by | 27th, July 2007

blair-holding-on.jpgPOOR old Ben Hallwood, not only did he suffer a rather big scare when his car was submerged during the floods, but he now has to pay a £256 bill for the rather dubious pleasure of it all. (Pic: The Spine)

Hallwood’s BMW 525 Estate was covered by five feet of water after a frightening flash flood raged through Oxon, but luckily, the driver himself was able to escape.

For two days after the flood, Hallwood tried in vain to recover the damaged vehicle using a Land Rover. However, when he went back to the A420 near Shrivenham for a third time, the police had removed it.

The police then proceeded to tell the unfortunate 35-year-old that a local recovery firm had a bill waiting for him, which was rising by £12 a day for storage. Hallwood was eventually forced to cough up the £256 bill but then had to scrap the car after all.

Aircraft electrician Hallwood said: “I had informed police the car was mine, and I would recover it. I wouldn’t have minded if I had deliberately abandoned the vehicle but I was hit by a flash flood. I was luck to get out.”

It’s the spirit of the Blitz all over again.

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