Anorak News | Palestinian Authority Ceases “Armed Struggle” For “Popular Struggle”

Palestinian Authority Ceases “Armed Struggle” For “Popular Struggle”

by | 27th, July 2007

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The Palestinian Authority government published its platform on Friday, which for the first time does not include a reference to armed struggle against Israel.

Nonetheless, the government stressed that it is committed to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ call for a “popular struggle against the Israeli occupation.”

Israel welcomed on Friday remarks by ministers that Palestinian Prime Miniser Salam Fayad’s government program, yet to be presented to parliament, does not feature a commitment to “armed resistance” – unlike those of its Hamas-led predecessors.

The Arabic word muqawma, which literally means resistance and has appeared in all prior PA governments’ platform, is generally understood to mean armed struggle. The term “popular struggle” includes, among other things, demonstrations and political activism.

Hamas rejected the plan, and vowed to continue the armed struggle against Israel, the radio said.

Does this mean a suicide bomber will shout a slogan and wave a placard before he gets on the crowded bus?

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